Innovative and stunning stationeries! Short presentations by KOKUYO and PILOT

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2-22-14, Shibuya, Shibuyaku · Tokyo

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ICT Workshop2: Innovative and Stunning Stationary!

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ICT Workshop2: Innovative and Stunning Stationery!

【Title and Date】

Friday, November 15th

Improving your work efficiently, adding color to your day with finding exquisite and finest Japanese stationery. Welcomed to brag your favorite stationery! ~Stationery Devotees Gathering~

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【Event Details: Fascinating Points】

Jaw-dropper! What are the hottest trend stationeries?
You may answer erasable pens, letter sets with adorable prints, and cute deco tapes?Japanese stationery are not only cute and convenient stationeries! Mr. Yoshinori Takagi, the stationery master at Tsubameya, and Tako Kabeuji, PILOT company, will introduce you Japanese proud stationeries; eye-catching memo pads, heartwarming sticky notes, thoughtful “Futo Pad”, functional book stands and much more….

Do you know “Shot Note”? Now, stationery works together with digital equipment is the wave of the future! We’ll take a look at some practical, functional, and well-designed Japanese stationery. It must be a prime opportunity to know Japan’s “stationery culture”, where is shown off its sensibilities, Omotenashi minds, and the spirit of inquiry.

And more, we’ll have with us a special guest, Ms. Yoshimura, who is working at KOKUYO (the largest Japanese stationery company), will be having a short lecture how to produce successful and innovative stationeries!

You will find something superb one as a perfect present or souvenir from wide selection of elegant looking “Japanese stationery". All stationeries will totally amaze you! Just give it and try at this workshop!


7:30pm~ 8:00pm

Touching, testing and using a variety of amazing Japanese stationeries:
Introducing special points (e.g. quality, design, function, and usage etc) for Japanese stationery by Mr. Yoshinori Takagi and Tako Kabeuji (Pilot company)

8:00pm~ 9:00pm

Discover “gee-whiz” stationery together!

Presentation time for bragging your favorite stationeries

9:00pm~ 9:30pm

Short Lecture: How to produce hit stationeries by Ms. Yoshimura (KOKUYO company)

9:30pm~ 10:00pm

Free talk time over coffee and tea (option)

【A Special Instructor】

Mr. Yoshinori Takagi, the stationery master at Tsubameya (stationery shop)


【A Special Guest】

Mr. Tako Kabeuji, who is working at PILOT (the largest Japanese stationery company)


Ms. Yoshimura, who is working at KOKUYO (the largest Japanese stationery company)


【Things to Bring】

Bring your favorite stationeries and share their special points with others!


Allincco Office (Shibuya),[masked], Shibuya, Shibuya ku, Tokyo


7:00pm ~ 10:00pm (doors open at 7:00pm, the workshop will finish at 9:30pm)



* Pay at the door, included drink (all you can drink), rental space, and instructor fee.

* Please don’t change your status (esp: meal plan) after Nov 14th. If you cancel to the event after Nov 14th, please email Jojo at [masked]


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The International Center in Tokyo (ICT)

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Looking forward to seeing you there!!