Japanese Tea Experience 3 ~ Making your own tea blend ~

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ICT Workshop 15: Japanese Tea Experience 3 ~ Making your own tea blend ~


Saturday, July 12th

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【Event Details: Fascinating Points】

Have you ever wanted to make your own tea blend?

If you are in Japan for a while (or born in Japan), probably you already had many cups of Japanese green tea at restaurants, cafes or your friend’s home. Most of Japanese teas here are not blended - no other ingredients are mixed with tea leaves.

This time, we will try blending Japanese teas and various ingredients – herbs and spices – both Western and Japanese. You can create your own lavender Sencha or peppermint Genmai Hojicha! Unleash your creativity, play around with blending, and create your perfect blended tea!

Once everyone finished making the blend, we have a tea contest! We blind taste every participant’s tea and decide top 3 delicious blends!

◆ What is Japanese tea?

Literally it means, “Any tea produced in Japan”. However, usually “Japanese tea (Nihon-cha)” means Sencha because Sencha (regular green tea) accounts for about 80% of the tea production in Japan.

You can find more detailed information at

http://www.o-cha.net/english/index.asp (World Green Tea Association)

http://yunomi.us/ (Yunomius)

http://yunomi.us/glossary/ (Japanese Tea Glossary)

◆ About tea blending



1. 1:00pm Open

2. 1:30 ~ 1:45pm Self introduction, brief introduction of Japanese tea, blend tea explanation

2. 1:45 ~ 2:30pm Tea blending

3. 2:30 ~ 3:00pm Contest

【Event Organizer】

Japanese Tea Instructor Association, Saitama Branch


Haruna Yamamoto, Japanese Tea Instructor

Haruna was born and grew up in Sayama area, Saitama – Sayama is famous for its local product, Sayama-cha. Maybe because of this (or not?), she really loves drinking tea even when I was very young. After becoming a certified Japanese Tea Instructor in 2011, She has participated in numbers of tea related events as a staff/organizer to promote Japanese tea, especially to non-Japanese people.

Akiko Abe, Japanese Tea Instructor

Akiko is a very new Japanese Tea Instructor as she passed the exam and got the certificate just a few months ago. But she already supported some tea related events at ICT and Japanese Tea Instructor Saitama Branch!

【Things to Bring】

Bring some snacks (e.g. osenbei, wagashi, karinto) which are good with tea for the free talk time!


Studio PETU
[masked], Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (1st Floor)



1:30pm ~ 3:30pm (Doors Open: 1:00pm)


Max to 20 (No waitlist)



* Pay at the door, included rental space fee, instructor fee and some snacks.

* Please don’t change your status after July 11th. If you cancel to the event after July 11th, please email Jojo at [masked]


Via Meetup or ICT Website

Website: http://www.intlcentertokyo.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/intlcentertokyo

Looking forward to seeing you there!!