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Asia: Southeast Asian street food @ Rickshaw Republic

Hosted by The International Supper Club of Chicago

Public group
Price: $2.50 /per person
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For the month of April, we will be sampling some Asian cuisines, starting with Southeast Asia.

From the restaurant's website:

"The Setiawan family’s front lawn was a frequent resting place for the local Rickshaw drivers. It may have been the aromatic smells coming from the kitchen that drew them, or the chatty children who enjoyed being regaled by the driver’s tales that kept them there. Whatever it was, the rickshaw made a big impression on Oscar and Emil, almost as much as the culture and flavors of the street food that they enjoyed with their family while exploring South East Asia.

"Rickshaw Republic ( isn’t just about peddling plates, it’s about peddling dreams. The dream of a mother to have her own restaurant, of a father to leave his family a legacy of their own in the United States, of a son to fulfill his destiny of being a great chef, and of his brother to make all these wishes and his own come true, by bringing the vibrant culture of South East Asia and its street food experience to Chicago."

"Rickshaw Republic brings together the vibrant culture of South East Asia and it’s street food scene, under one roof. Traditional dishes that are sold at street carts everywhere, are carefully crafted using recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

"Authentic, unpretentious and delicious. Asian Street Food, the way it should be."

The restaurant is BYOB and we will be ordering to share. The bill will be split evenly regardless of consumption. The restaurant does not take reservations, so please arrive on time so we can get seated as soon as a table is available. If you have RSVPed and are not attending, please unRSVP ASAP so others may RSVP and we are not waiting for no-shows.

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