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rustic Mountain fare @ Table, Donkey and Stick


From the restaurant's website:

Located on the edge of Logan Square, Table, Donkey and Stick ( is a neighborhood restaurant offering seasonal fare and a unique selection of beer, wine and spirits honoring the eating and drinking traditions of the Alps.


Table, Donkey and Stick refers to a Brothers Grimm tale in which three brothers leave home to apprentice for a carpenter, a miller and a turner. The carpenter pays the first brother with a table that magically sets itself with rustic delicacies, which is promptly stolen by a wicked innkeeper. The miller gives the second brother a donkey that shits gold coins at the word “bricklebrit.” The innkeeper robs him too. The third brother receives from the turner a magical stick which beats the innkeeper until he returns the table and donkey.


A whimsical take on the inns known as berghaus or auberge de montagne that offer refuge to hikers in the Alps, Table, Donkey and Stick is a place to gather with friends in a warm and comfortable environment. The focus is on the table: a place for food and drink, but also for story-telling and fellowship.


Chef Manley's menu features creative, seasonally driven dishes inspired by the mountain cuisines of France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Slovenia. Small and large plates are complemented by a rotating selection of chartuterie and artisan cheeses. The kitchen works with local farmers and whole animals whenever possible; all breads and charcuterie items are made in-house.


A selection of small-production wines focused on the growing regions surrounding the Alps, as well as beers from Austria, Bavaria and the Midwest complement Chef Manley’s fare. We honor the great Alpine tradition of brandies and liqueurs with an extensive selection of craft brandies, eaux-de-vie and schnapps, available by the glass or in tasting flights. House cocktails by Matty Eggleston focus on the complex aromatic liqueurs based on mountain herbs and flowers found in famous Alpine products like Chartreuse and Fernet Branca.