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This is not a regular group. Please do not ask to join UNLESS you have hikes regularly with the Sonoma County Wanderers. This is a sub group of the Sonoma County Wanderers. You need to first be an active member of the Sonoma County Wanderers. Once you have an established hiking record (20+ hikes) with the Sonoma County Wanderers and are ready to hit the road and see distant parts of the world then you are ready to join this second group! This is a hiking and traveling group. Adventure and fitness are the name of the game!!

Most important fact to be aware of!!

There is limited availability on the trips. If you are serious about traveling out of Sonoma/Marin county with the group then you will need to have a STRONG presence on the moderate-strenuous and strenuous Sonoma County Wanderer hikes with the organizers...Leigh, Joseph or Yannick. We have found that Annabel and similar hikes will NOT prepare you for hiking outside of California. I will always put the hikers that have been recently hiking the long strenuous and moderate- strenuous hikes consistently on the list first. Those are the hikers that are going to be prepared for these trips. Another hiking habit to develop to prepare for these trips is to sign up for multiple day hikes in a row without a day break in between. The trips sound exciting and adventurous but they are not for everyone. If you truly enjoy the moderate 2-3.5 hour hikes the best and find yourself gravitating to those choices, then a SIGHTSEEING international trip is more suitable for you rather than a trekking trip.

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Soaring along the trails in Sri Lanka with time to be a tourist

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Packing list

It was only when railways were built through Sri Lanka's mountainous interior that vehicles replaced hiking as the main way of getting around this stunning tropical island. There are tons of fantastic trails.

Modern-day trekkers can hike through wildlife-filled jungles to tea plantations, historic ruins, lofty lookouts and sacred summits, exploring landscapes that are a world away from the sun, sand and surf along the coast.

Sri Lanka had experienced some terrorist attacks in 2019 and taking off the list for recommended travel. It just has been cleared as there was increased security immediately after those attacks and nothing else has happened.

We will keep an eye on covid and make a decision in October/November whether this trip is is safe for 2022 or whether we should wait for 2023. I definitely am going to try for 2022 if it is safe.

U.S. citizens intending to visit Sri Lanka for purposes of tourism or transit require an approval notice from Sri Lanka’s Electronic Travel Authorization System, onward/return ticket, and proof of sufficient funds. The Electronic Travel Authorization System is available online or at the port of entry. Since doing it at port of entry means standing online we will be doing it within 30 days of our trip

With Sri Lanka's manageable scale – the island measures just 268 miles long by 139 miles wide – there are few complicated logistics for hikers to worry about. This is a bucket list item and I am trying to see if I can make this work. Stay posted!

We also will be snorkeling with sea turtles, doing a safari trip and walking the white sand beaches.

This is not a" first come- first served" trip. Hikers that have been dedicated to hiking with the group on the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday hikes for the past year prior to the trip will be given priority. Next total hikes with the group will be taken into consideration and then the first to be signed up be considered last. Thank you for understanding.


2 hours of giving back to your community. Work with the Redwood Food bank!

This is a rain or shine event!
Please review and understand the process for attending this event.
Once you are CONFIRMED (not waitlisted) on MeetUp to attend this event, then signup on the Redwood Empire Foodbank site using the link:
https://refb.volunteerhub.com/lp/wanderers/. If you have to cancel on meetup, please also cancel on the Redwood Empire Food Bank site using the same link. If interested, you can read a more detailed explanation of this process below in the description. I'll also add the sign up link in the comments.

The International Wanderers venture into giving back to our community in a small and very doable way!!!

Redwood Empire Food Bank is a food bank on the North Coast of California which belongs to the Feeding America network. Its mission is to end hunger in its community. Founded in 1987, REFB is Sonoma County's largest hunger-relief organization, serving 133 charitable organizations, including emergency food pantries/closets, shelters and dining rooms, childcare centers/youth programs, group homes, and disaster relief agencies. Seniors, children, and working families come to food distributions seeking supplemental groceries.

We will be working the site at Lamplighter Senior Mobile Home park. The Redwood empire truck will drop off our food to distribute. We organize it, pass it out to cars that drive by and clean up. We will be done by 11:15 when the Redwood empire truck returns to pick up any remaining food and supplies.

It's very easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

We meet at 9:15 (the Redwood page says 9:30, but I think that for us newbies, it is better to get there a little early) at the Lamplighter Senior Mobile Home Park located at 2800 Santa Rosa Ave (cross street is Aileen). There are a few visitor parking spaces in the mobile home park. There is more parking at Burt Street along the road.

Please wear comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes.

Come prepared to work, have fun and feel good about giving back to your community!!

Miscellaneous info for those who want a more detailed process explanation:
The reason we do the extra step of signing in with the foodbank is for their personnel to know the distribution site will have adequate coverage. They are not looking at MeetUp. The foodbank coordinator needs to create the event (just for us) each month. If you try to sign-in and get a message that there is no event, then this has not happened yet. I will try to update the event comments once I know the event is “live” and ready for sign up.
If the process above is followed, there should be a spot for everyone who is confirmed to sign-up on the foodbank website. If someone not confirmed on MeetUp inadvertently registers on the foodbank site, you may see a message that the event is full. If YOU are confirmed on MeetUp but cannot sign in on the foodbank site, please attend the event. Don’t worry if you see the message “Due to the social distancing requirements each volunteer MUST be signed up for the shift”. The foodbank wants to make sure that they don’t have (for example) 20 volunteers show up for a site that can only safely accommodate 8. No one is matching the names of those who signed up to those who show up. If you are NOT confirmed (waitlisted) on MeetUp, please do not attend the event.

SAVE THE DATE! It's a Romp in the Snow! Truckee for snowshoeing and skiing!

Currently the lodge is full. Other all RSVP's will need to find their own accommodations.
In the Lodge are the following...Leigh, Carol, Bob, Michele, Jane, Charles, Don, Leslie, Andrea, Linda M, Michelle and Monica. These were the people who first requested the lodge. If any of them cancel it will open up a spot in the lodge and I will notify the next on the list. Those of you not on the list for the lodge should consider sharing rooms or getting a rental thru VRBO or AIRBNB. Make a comment below if you are interested! More details to follow with specifics, but you can count on two days of planned snowshoeing and one day of cross-country skiing with a lesson just for our group. You are welcome to enjoy yourself with alpine skiing or all cross-country skiing, though the planned group activities are intending to be as mentioned above. We will arrive after dinner on Sunday at the lodge, with the first activity planned for around 9:30 on Monday. You can easily plan to arrive on Monday and not come Sunday evening. We will have the cross-country ski lesson on Tuesday and a final snowshoe on Wednesday as we leave. The snow-shoeing and cross-country ski activities will be planned for 4 hours a day plus travel time and set up time. We are starting off slow, since so many of us are new or returning to these activities. We will be doing beginner and intermediate routes this first time.
If you are interested, now is the time to join in. We can learn and progress together as a group.
We will be staying at the Santa Rosa Ski Club in Truckee. $30 a night. You are welcome to stay anywhere you would like if you don't want to stay at the lodge. Everyone will be in charge of one meal. Members get first dibs and people proceeding with membership get 2nd preference and then it will open up to everyone else. Please indicate when RSVP'ing if you are planning on staying at the lodge or not.
Cross country skis are available for rent from Northstar for $42 and snow shoes are $44 a day. Though, you can get rentals for cheaper if you get them in advance from REI or the aki rental businesses in Truckee. I recommend buying the Costco snowshoes for $80 if you think that you will be doing this again. I also bought an entire cross-country ski (no wax) package for $340 with free shipping from Ski Essentials.

Giant Redwoods Getaway!

Needs a location

This is a save the date. More details to follow!!
I have reservations at Holiday Inn Express Klamath-Redwoods. You can count on 4 days of hiking, a bonfire on the beach one night, socializing and laughter.
You can opt to camp or stay in the hotel!

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