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This is a sub group of the Sonoma County Wanderers. You need to first be an active member of the Sonoma County Wanderers. Once you have an established hiking record (20+ hikes) with the Sonoma County Wanderers and are ready to hit the road and see distant parts of the world then you are ready to join this second group! This is a hiking and traveling group. Adventure and fitness are the name of the game!!

Most important fact to be aware of!!

There is limited availability on the trips. If you are serious about traveling out of Sonoma/Marin county with the group then you will need to have a STRONG presence on the moderate-strenuous and strenuous Sonoma County Wanderer hikes. We have found that Annabel and similar hikes will NOT prepare you for hiking outside of California. I will always put the hikers that have been recently hiking the long strenuous and moderate- strenuous hikes consistently on the list first. Those are the hikers that are going to be prepared for these trips. Another hiking habit to develop to prepare for these trips is to sign up for multiple day hikes in a row without a day break in between. The trips sound exciting and adventurous but are not for everyone. If you truly enjoy the moderate 2-3.5 hour hikes the best and find yourself gravitating to those choices, then a SIGHTSEEING international trip is more suitable for you rather than a trekking trip.

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Annual Memorial Campout at Mendocino Woodlands and Anniversary Celebration!

Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association

It’s our big 9th anniversary BLOWOUT!!!! The dates are locked in!!! Plan to arrive Wednesday after 3 or anytime on Thursday!! Thursday will be a short hike for those that arrived Wednesday and free time in the afternoon to visit Mendocino or Fort Bragg. The actual activities begin officially Thursday afternoon at 3pm!!! $175 Total for doubles $125 Total for triples To sort out who is serious, I am asking for a $25 deposit. This is non refundable and non transferable. This will be first $ received, first on the "going" list. I need a check (yes a CHECK) for the $25 sent to K. Leigh Skizewski 2305 Lytton Springs Rd Healdsburg,CA 95448. I would also, to make it easier for you, include a post dated check (4/1/2020-this is when I have to pay in full) for the remainder. Check below...those that signed up earlier got the doubles. That is $100 in a postdated check for triples and $150 postdated check for doubles. It is $75 to participate without a tent cabin and a $25 deposit is still required. We will be repeating the wonderful shuttle hike out to Big River State Park and adding 2 other moderate hikes. We will not be offering ourselves up for target practice this year! I am hiking all trails previous to our arrival. There will be a talent show, best cabin prize, bonfire night, meal teams and lot's of fun to be had by all! Hope to see you all soon! THERE IS A $50 FEE FOR LEAVING EARLY!! We have to clean the campsite and anyone that leaves early without joining in will be responsible for a $50. We will be leaving Sunday morning at 9 as a group after we have been checked out by the crew at Mendocino Woodlands. This is important because if it isn't clean, we are charged $500. Doubles Adrian and Karen Gwen and Andy Wanda and Pamela Michele and Lisa B Kathy and Jim Marcia and Paul Leigh, Jess and Greg Jose and Marinoly Diane and Kathie Karen S and Jo R Rosemary and Eric Andy and Stan Don and Mel Triples Marie Noelle, Marcelyn and Katy, Ling and Jackie Carla, Martha and Andrea Leslie, Karen G and Leslie

Amazing Albania and Corfu

Needs a location

THis event was amazingly popular and is full. THAT being said, I haven't collected any money yet so please put your name on the waiting list if you want to come!!! When I ask for money is when I find out who is really interested! Please note that the pre trip meeting is mandatory for this trip. Don't sign up if you are unable to attend the meeting on April 28th in the evening. Place TBD. This is a save the date....the full itinerary is coming shortly. Some of you have requested space months ago and as a result, I have added you. I f you are no longer interested, then simply change your rsvp. If you are not on the list and think you want to come, then please add your name on the waiting list. People will be added based on their number of hikes with the regular Wanderer group and the International Wanderer group. People going to the Iowa trip (on Sonoma Wanderer site) get preference to be added. I arrive the 8th on Luthansa 1424 at 12:55 in Tirana Albania. We will have a hotel booked by the airport. Make sure you arrive sometime on the 8th! It would be great if you could arrive before me or with me so that you can take advantage of the BUNKER TOUR that afternoon. I am leaving from Corfu on Argean 7287 at 6:35 am. This connects tu UA 125 at 12:15pm and then again with UA 2006 at 6:00pm in Newark. If you want transport to the airport, it is best to leave with me. Otherwise you are on your own. I used Trixie at ASAP travel to help me with this...the ticket was around $1500 but when I tried to book it myself it was much more. [masked] Tell her that you are traveling with Karen Skizewski.... Here is the link to the itinerary....please note that for the first 11 days all the meals are included. The prices are appx. but shouldn't change significantly. https://1drv.ms/w/s!AqBwLCcQ_JdLr3DXwDgc5NCMm2p7?e=WelQgg I am asking for deposits of $1200. Remember that the deposit is non refundable so please make sure you are committed.!! Mail the deposti to K. Leigh Skizewski 2305 Lytton Springs Rd Healdsburg,CA 95448 The deadline for deposits is March 20th. I will not remind you again this time so you will need to remember. If the deposit is not received by March 20th, I will simply take you off the trip to open up your spot.

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