Annual Memorial Campout at Mendocino Woodlands and Anniversary Celebration!


It’s our big 9th anniversary BLOWOUT!!!! The dates are locked in!!!
Plan to arrive Wednesday after 3 or anytime on Thursday!! Thursday will be a short hike for those that arrived Wednesday and free time in the afternoon to visit Mendocino or Fort Bragg. The actual activities begin officially Thursday afternoon at 3pm!!!

$175 Total for doubles $125 Total for triples

To sort out who is serious, I am asking for a $25 deposit. This is non refundable and non transferable. This will be first $ received, first on the "going" list. I need a check (yes a CHECK) for the $25 sent to K. Leigh Skizewski 2305 Lytton Springs Rd Healdsburg,CA 95448. I would also, to make it easier for you, include a post dated check (4/1/2020-this is when I have to pay in full) for the remainder. Check below...those that signed up earlier got the doubles. That is $100 in a postdated check for triples and $150 postdated check for doubles. It is $75 to participate without a tent cabin and a $25 deposit is still required.

We will be repeating the wonderful shuttle hike out to Big River State Park and adding 2 other moderate hikes. We will not be offering ourselves up for target practice this year! I am hiking all trails previous to our arrival. There will be a talent show, best cabin prize, bonfire night, meal teams and lot's of fun to be had by all!

Hope to see you all soon!

THERE IS A $50 FEE FOR LEAVING EARLY!! We have to clean the campsite and anyone that leaves early without joining in will be responsible for a $50. We will be leaving Sunday morning at 9 as a group after we have been checked out by the crew at Mendocino Woodlands. This is important because if it isn't clean, we are charged $500.


Adrian and Karen
Gwen and Andy
Wanda and Pamela
Michele and Lisa B
Kathy and Jim
Marcia and Paul
Leigh, Jess and Greg
Jose and Marinoly
Diane and Kathie
Karen S and Jo R
Rosemary and Eric (Eric has not paid)

Marie Noelle, Marcelyn
Katy, Ling and Jackie
Carla, Martha and Andrea
Napa Stan, Don and Andy