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It's been a long time, almost 40 years, since Gifford Pinchot III coined the term of "Intrapreneur". Today we assist to a myriad of startups trying to get traction, led by entrepreneurs following the path of Lean Startup. They follow a big idea with courage enough to at least try once. Some others just don't have the proper support for whatever reason to give it a try. Intrapreneurs dream becoming Entrepreneurs but don't know how yet, or just the opposite, no longer have enough energy because they already tried and failed, so need stability within a company, until they can start over. Companies today need talent for innovation, which comes from endeavour for sustainable competitive advantage. If you have the attitude of an entrepreneur but still need stability, or just you enjoy innovating within your company, this is your meetup group. We'll share theory, practice and ideas. Get inspired!.

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