The Jam - January - Hackney


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The Jam Plan

2.30pm - 4.15pm
Working with charts of blues, jazz, pop, rock and soul standards.

Will do two variations of each song:
- First time will be as per standard and the band will be directed.
- Second time will be driven by following a band member lead and variations of leads choice.

Break for 15 minutes

4.30pm - 6.30pm
- Continue with the charts nominated by others, or
- Work around chord progressions and making it up on the spot (singers and instrumentalists)!

Song list sheet:

To request a song for others to play or to be a main part on a specific song, please message over your email address to get access to edit the list;

To have a manageable amount of suggestions, a maximum 4 songs can be suggested each participant. Any additional songs will be added into the library on the third tab to choose from in the future.

If there is a song on the list you would like to do, but see someone else on, please add a '/' and then your name to be the name player on the second time round.

Singers, please add the key to the song you wish to play on if not the original.

One week before the jam:

No more song recommendations should be added and any new song suggestions will be removed. Only putting names down to play parts on existing songs will be possible, so there can be full band participation.

The suggested songs will be added to the monthly playlist here:

What to bring for the day

Will book keys, drum kit, three mics, 1 bass amp and 2 guitar amps.
All the above will be used in rotation.

Bring along lyrics of tunes you wish to sing or the willingness to learn or back up on the day.

Guitarist / Bassist:
Bring along your instrument.

Sticks of your choice (they're available to borrow at the studio too).


1. This event requires willingness and ability to collaborate with others and work as a band.

2. Jammers must come prepared for the songs that they put their names down for.

3. Songs suggested should be suitable for a band set and have chords provided in the spreadsheet for others to learn in advance if not already on the list. The key must be provided for others to learn if different from the original.

4. Instruments must be tuned before starting the jam.

5. Any no shows or cancellations up to 7 days before the Jam will not be refunded.

The cost is £10 pre-pay for the day which all go towards running The Jam.

Any questions, let me know.