Singing for wellbeing 10 week workshop Dunlaoghaire

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Transform and perform after 10 weeks in the capable hands of Mia Parsons vocal coach and Charlie Moon guitarist and musical director.

Meet like minded people, build confidence, push boundaries, discover your unique voice and at the end of it all, perform your two chosen songs each at the final performance live with a jazz trio.

Through the universal language of music each of us has the ability to unlock a hidden source of wellbeing. It is there to be tapped into at any time and many of us are unaware of how accessible it is.

With the expertise and encouragement of Mia and Charlie each participant of the workshop comes to understand that their voice is as valid as that of Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, David Bowie or Amy Winehouse. Each is individual and each has a place and a particular song to suit them. No two voices are the same and nor would we want them to be.

At the start of every one-and-a-half-hour session we do some breathing to get the maximum benefit from singing. We then do some vocal exercises. The songs we teach each week are from four styles. Latin, ballad, swing and blues.

Week 1. Learn three songs, melody and lyrics.

Week 2. Learn three songs, melody and lyrics.

Week 3. Ice breaker night, getting accustomed to the microphone technique and breaking the ice by singing a chosen song accompanied by Charlie. This is when we start to work on areas of weakness and strengths in the participant’s techniques.

Week 4. Learn three songs exploring phrasing and projection

Week 5. Concentrating on the blues and improvisation

From week six onwards we work on the two song choices of each participant for the final show. Songs can be chosen from the ones we have covered in class or from the jazz or blues realm. We work on how to interact with the musicians in the live show.


Making music accessible to everyone no matter what their starting point, Mia and Charlie de-mystify the skill of singing. Interpersonal relationships, personal development, a sense of community, increased empathy and reduced stress levels are just some of the obvious benefits. The number one benefit however is the huge release of tension through the sheer fun and enjoyment of it all and the sense of achievement.

A group of extremely happy, stress free people who’s confidence levels and ‘can do’ feelings have soared to great heights. Each will have been gently pushed out of their comfort zones and will have discovered a well of joy that they can now access at will. Our participants have reported to us that they find the class enhances their confidence and feeling of wellbeing.

All you need to bring is yourself and a pen and paper if you wish to take notes.