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Dao (the Way, the Path) is the complete Buddha Nature (Divine Allotment) that everyone has within, there is no need to seek it outside of oneself.
Through a series of reflective and philosophical discussions drawn from ancient and classical Buddhist texts (i.e. The Analects of Confucius), we will explore (enhance, expand, develop, prosper) our own Path to Transformation through the cultivation of Virtue as seen from the modern necessity.

The eternal and essential question;
How can we best serve humanity?

Through cultivating virtue (what are these virtues, we will go deeper into our discussions) and expounding learning (knowledge applied through action leading to wisdom), we are actually cultivating one’s heart — that is, one’s invisible, inward composure (recollection). Therefore, the emphasis is on inward reflection, with the shared support and togetherness (unity, fellowship) of the larger group, to emulate the virtuous great men and women (Saints) and examine oneself.

Therefore, returning to the question: 'How can we best serve humanity?' our collective purpose is to reveal the radiance of one’s Heart and Spirit as well as that of all sentient beings. Our deeds must be consistent with the Path that leads to the Eternal Life. Disciplining oneself in every moment with actions matching one’s learning — steadfast and firmly rooted.

To know more about our purpose and mission: email: livingbodhitree@gmail.com

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