Power Attunements: 7 Treasures for Mastering the Art of Life


Fun, interactive and powerful this workshop promises to be dynamic and life changing experience!
1st treasure: the gift; living in the now is the single greatest gift you’ll ever know and the ultimate key to success;
2nd treasure: engaging your spirit; learn a simple meditation process that will permanently shift you into a higher state of being;
3rd treasure: cultivating new frequencies; using a simple but extraordinary technique, in just 40 days you can completely change your programming;
4th treasure: weaving your destiny; learn to apply a potent law of attraction technique that allows you to create anything in your life you
5th treasure: the gift of challenge; learn the hidden language behind life’s challenges and how to clear every subconscious obstacle;
6th treasure: engaging your spiritual helpers; learn how to call upon your spirit guides and angels to assist you;
7th treasure: sharing the gift; your empowerment in completing the circle.

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