Mediums Night with Lynn Kuber


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Join Psychometrist and Psychic Medium Lynne Kuber and I for a special night of Mediumship. Together we will deliver messages in an intimate group setting from your loved-ones in the spirit world. We will aim to get messages out for everyone in attendance. Through the specific messages and validations they bring our goal is to bring forth healing and empowering messages, to validate the continuity of life and to prove that true love never dies.

Lynn Kuber’s Bio:
“Psychic Solutions” (DBA 1994) is what Lynne Kuber offers her clients. Using the technique of “Psychometry” she holds a personal object belonging to the person being read and quickly records her impressions on paper. Each person she sees is provided with a private, individualized, written reading. Lynne’s readings are highly detailed and accurate and are a combination of “psychic information” gleaned by her psychic gifts of clairvoyance; clairaudience; clairsentience; and remote viewing regarding current situations, future predictions in all facets of the individual’s life (job, career, family, health, finances, etc..) and “mediumistic” – spirit messages from departed loved ones that provide the client with comfort and closure.