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New to the city? Want to learn a new language? Want to learn about a new culture? Want to try the foods of the world? Or do you fancy an authentic Sushi bar? Maybe you fell like a skydive? Does that sounds interesting.....Ummmm maybe for some, How about a Shisha Night with a mix Grill? Not a very health health option for some, Still not for you..Okay how about a vegetarian buffet in one of the city's old streets...!! Are we not there yet!! Okay lets suggest something else, running, walking, sports, adventure, movies, music Ok when it comes to Music are you maybe even looking to sing in a language you don't speak ?? It can be done Just ASK! Looking for a business adventure? Or maybe you do like networking or simply just want to make new friends and meet nice new people..... Well Well!! Still not there yet!! How about a museum? Or a walk at the beach!! Beaches In London !! Okay will leave that one for later or just imagine. Cycling, Watching banger racing? Attending a sports game not just football, Language lessons? Or Free stuff which you can find a lot of them in London if you try to find them, I tell you what leave all that alone How about leaving the country all together and spending a great Holiday abroad. We can sit here and list hundreds of things but to get to the point,................................................................................................................

Tired of being a member of 60 Plus groups! Annoyed by receiving so many e-mails in one day from all of these groups? Booking yourself to attend two meetings at the same day or even at the same time!! tired of keeping up with all of these groups....Well Well!! we all like things to be simple don't we so let's keep this intro simple and say this is going to be a one stop for everything...

To come to the point we have seen so many groups for so so many different things and we thought how about making all of these things into ONE! BIG! NETWORK! and let people come and meet and exchange ideas, meetings, events we aim to make this group run by what the members decide and choose.

We would like to see you in one of our regular twice a month meetings along with so many other amazing events that will be organized by this friendly group.

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Language Exchange Meetup!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hello, Our language exchange meetup is back. Come along and join us in a language exchange social meetup. The idea is to learn a new language and in return you teach someone your language, we believe this is the best way to practice and learn a new language and to have fun at the same time. Please note this is not a language class so don't expect teachers or professional lessons. Place and time will be confirmed once we have enough numbers. If it's your first Meetup feel free to bring a friend along or message me directly and I will make sure I will be meeting you when you arrive. Booking a place and not turning up would likely result in being removed from future events or even from the group due to the very limited places in some of the events. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting all of you soon. LEOPARD!

Record you own song session!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hello All, Have you ever thought about recording your own song professionally and have it published on may be Itunes and Amazon etc... We have teamed up with some incredible producers who can make you dream become reality and to have your own song. We will organise sessions once we have a confirmation. For further information please contact me directly. Regards, LeOpArD

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Sunday evening Meet Up - Canary Wharf

Temple lounge Cafe

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