Past Meetup

The Saturday Ladies only Bike Ride: New River


Good Morning Ladies

This will be a new rout that I am sure you will enjoy. The ride will be in the west valley for the first time. We will meet on the NE side of Carefree and Lakepleasent rd. at 7:15 am with wheels down by 7:30 am.

Directions: Take I17 North and take the carefree exit and head west for about 5 miles. I will be there early so look for a white truck. If you feel that you are lost or you are truely lost please give me a call 602-565-1839.

This will be a SAG(Supplies And Gear) supported ride so please RSVP. I rather have to much supplies than not enough.

To prep for this ride eat a good dinner and a light breakfast. bring at least 2 bottles of water. The mornings are still chilly so dress for the weather.

Have a great week &

Thank you for making this happen