Past Meetup

The Saturday Ladies only Bike Ride: B-Line to Shea


Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday we will meet at Tribe Multisport at 5:15 am with wheels down at 5:30 am. Yes I know this is early but we are trying to stay ahead of Mister Heat Miser.

The B-line is a great ride. we start out on a flat ride to warm up then we start to gradually climb to Shea. This ride is doable by all riders. For the Ladies thinking about doing IM 2014 this will is a great ride to get a teast for the ride.

In order to have a great ride you have to prep yourself by starting to drink water with some form of electrolytes added today. also prep your water bottle by filling them 1/2 full and placing them in the freezer today and then top them off on the morning of the ride.Eat a good dinner and a lite breakfast the morning of the ride.

This will be a sag(Support And Gear) supported ride so please chime in. I rather have to much supplies than not enough.

If you are someone that have a hard time riding or exercising in the heat. I would suggest buying a cooling scarf from big 5 or and sporting goods store, and/or arm coolers that you can buy at Tribe Multisport or your local bike shop.

The Ladies as that you Plan for a 4 hr bike ride

Thank you and Have a Great Week