Past Meetup

Rapperswil: Exploration / Photo-Walk / [Possible] Hike


Hey Everyone,

On Saturday the 12th we're going to spend a day of exploring, photo-walking and possibly [depending on what we come across] hiking around Rapperswil. Come along if you like! =)

Please read the event description carefully and in detail, and if you have any questions that haven't already been answered in the description, please contact me [Ahoo].

The plan is for now sketchy, and I will add more details in the upcoming days and make slight modifications. We are going to meet under the fat blue angel [which really looks nothing like an angel] at the Zurich main station at 11:00. From there we will most likely go to Bürkliplatz, and take the boat to Rapperswil.

The castle, children's zoo, old town, church, and whatever other interesting item we come across will be on the visit list.

IMPORTANT: How this excursion works [a.k.a "the usual footnote" ;)]

Please understand, we are not tour leaders or experts. We are not offering you a service, and we are not responsible for absolutely anything. What we are, is simply a bunch of people who are interested in exploring, and would like to offer others with similar interest to join and have a nice time with us.

This is an exploration excursion. We will be walking around all day long, and there is no official end time. Anyone feeling tired at any point is absolutely welcome to head back to the train station.

As long as you are interested in continuing to walk with us, making sure that you still have the organizers in the view is your responsibility. If you'd like to make a short stop somewhere, please let us know and we will wait for you. [This very much does include picture stops. Please note that I will personally be making many of those.] If you'd like to make a long stop somewhere, feel free. We will move on but you you can rejoin the group later. If for any reason you would like to separate yourself from the group and re-join later, finding us again is your own responsibility. If you'd like to join the group at any point other than the official starting point, again finding the group is your own responsibility.

Please be on time, and have your train/tram tickets ready before we need to board. We usually just meet and walk to the platform, there's not much waiting in between so if you're not on time, you'll likely miss us. Please make sure to bring yourself whatever you believe you might need. That includes water, food [please note, due to variety of reasons, we generally do not make restaurant stops], snacks, warm clothing, appropriate shoes, eye-wear and so on.

Please note that this is a none-smoking group.

An RSVP / reserved spot is required to join this event, and the organizers reserve the right to screen the RSVP list. Please RSVP if you intend to join, and if later you decide to drop out please do change your RSVP, as early as possible so that others can use the spot.



P.S.: Since I keep getting asked about pictures: I upload pictures to meetup very rarely and very few. It's simply not efficient. You can find pictures of any event / activity that I've been a part of, in my gallery: