What we're about

This group is for casual board game players enjoying games such as Carcassone. King of Tokyo or Ticket to Ride.

Tell us what games you would like to play. Or bring them with you !

Here is a sampling of the games in our library:

- Blokus, Carcassonne (+ expansions), Coloretto, Dominion (+ expansions), Guillotine, Munchkins, Power Grid, Puerto Rico, RA, Sky Runner, Ticket to Ride... and many more


Upcoming events (5+)


Meepleville Board Game Cafe

There is a special rate of $2.50 for entry into Meepleville.

Board Game Night at the Little Shop of Magic

The Little Shop of Magic

Little Shop of Magic is hosting a game night every Saturday night. There are always "non Meetup" people (regular patrons of the shop) going, so don't be discouraged by the lack of RSVP. If you show up, there will be other people to play with. This would be a great opportunity to meet new faces and what better place to play than a game store. Contact John @ the store with questions.

Maximum Comics Henderson Heroclix

Maximum Comics

Maximum 2.0, Sunset and Marks in the Wal-mart shopping center. Come in and use our ample space to play Heroclix! We have the biggest, best crowd in town, playing twice a week! Please check with the venue for formats, as they do change for each event.

Board Game Day at the Little Shop of Magic

The Little Shop of Magic

Our Board Game Days are a very informal meeting of like-minded individuals who enjoy playing, discussing and exploring board games. The games played vary widely depending on the attending crowd but the majority of game play focuses around the latest American and Euro board game releases. Bring a game and friends, or checkout a game from our library and make some new ones: it's all part of the fun happening every Sunday at the Little Shop of Magic!

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D&D Adventurers League

Meepleville Board Game Cafe

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