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Poly Relationships Discussion ** New Time! 6pm ***
Join in or listen as we discuss issues in polyamorous relationships, (ethical nonmonogamy involving emotionally intimate relationships with the knowledge and consent of multiple partners). Topics may be open to the needs of the people who come, or more specific, including topics like poly 101, compersion/jealousy, time management, meeting new partners, coparenting, estate planning, relationship styles/agreements, local events and resources, coming out- or not, extended family and holidays, sexual and emotional safety, gender equity, queer poly and more. Whether you identify as poly or not, new or long-term, you are welcome to come learn more, share ideas, insights and experiences in a respectful space. The Center is letting is use the space for free, so if you can, make a donations when we pass the envelope to support their ability to host us, but nothing is required except a respectful attitude.

The Center

401 S. Maryland Pkwy · Las Vegas, NV