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Calling all people new to LA/old to LA! This is a group for anybody who is looking to make new friends in inexpensive ways. We can do literally anything and everything together! Just make sure it doesn't cost us an arm and a leg each time we hang out, which is nearly impossible here. For example, go on "lazy hikes" like Runyon or Fryman Canyon, discover places that have cheap drinks but are also a ton of fun, go to "Paint Nites" but make sure you got that 25% off coupon, see movies together but only go once every 5 months because it's 85 dollars a ticket, pretend to read books together for our book club, attempt to run a 5k, and so on and so forth! But seriously, we can help motivate each other along the way. Hike something more intense, run a 6k, have amateur group therapy sessions, anything you want! Will try and make as organized as we can.

P.S. Average age range: 20-40's. :)

P.S.S.S.S. This will also be a pretty active group despite the name, so if you enjoy "easy-moderate" maybe even some "semi-difficult" skill level hiking, this could be the group for you! I'll be sure to mention the level of difficulty for planned hikes.

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Wilacre Park trail hike this Lazy Sunday!

Wilacre Park in Fryman Canyon

Runyon Canyon hike this Sunday morning!!

Runyon Canyon Dog Park

Paradise Falls hike this Sunday!!

Wildwood Park - Paradise Falls Trail

Peaceful Franklin Canyon Lake hike this Sunday! 🏞

Franklin Canyon Park

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