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The Leadership Square. A public space for learning, developing and networking to envision, embody and advance a more responsible society through conscious, ethical, resilient and impactful leadership. Join the Square for discussion forums, professional seminars, transformative workshops, and other dynamic and collaborative events.

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7 Reasons why empowering others will benefit you

Online event

There are benefits to empowering others that are far greater than just helping others. Empowerment has been a buzz word for a long time, women empowerment, youth empowerment, economic empowerment etc. Did you know there are benefits to empowering others?
Let's share, encourage and empower each other.

How to avoid going under debt review

Online event

Debt can be an enslaving sink hole. But there is life beyond debt.
Let's share and help each other.

Managing people: Horror stories with positive outcomes

Online event

Ever feel like you could start over and choose the right people? Sometimes you can't.
We will learn from horror stories and how other managers overcame and succeeded in the following:-
* Dealing with difficult or toxic people
* Sticky situations
* Internal politics
* Disengaged

5 ways to beat stress and anxiety

Online event

Imagine if you could get away from stress and anxiety. The truth is we all can. Here's some 5 simple ways to start us off.
Let's come share

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