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Book nuggets: Kasinomics by GG Alcock

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GG’s book Third World Child, White Born, Zulu Bred tells his story and that of many of his people – a literary journey of a third world tribal society learning to embrace the 20th century first world.

GG’s second book, Kasinomics attempts to cast a light on the invisible matrix at the heart of South Africa’s informal economies and the people who live in them. Living and doing business in African marketplaces requires an ethos uniquely suited to the informal, to the invisible, to the intangible. Kasinomics will take you down those rural pathways, weave between claustrophobic mazes of shacks, browse a muti market, visit a spirit returning ceremony and save money with gogo in a stokvel among many more people and places.

GG’s latest book KasiNomic Revolution explores the revolution taking place in the great marketplaces of the informal sector. The informal business sector is the next great frontier of Africa and it is undergoing an economic revolution – a new world of small people doing big things, transforming the continent. It contains an unquantified scale and power as an economic engine and a way of life for the majority of our low income populations. The KasiNomic Revolution may still be a murmur in the streets, a grassroots economic groundswell, but it is the future of African economic activity.

Book nuggets: The Human Race by Dr. LaTarsha Holden

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Dr. LaTarsha Holden is Ga./ National Mother of the Year “2020”, an inspirational speaker, former political candidate and a 17 x published author. She has six grown children.

The Human Race children book was written for those in 3rd - 5th grade as it shared facts about other students around the world. This book was written to introduce students from different ethnic backgrounds and to promote friendship and kindness.

Book nuggets: Be Epic by Arash Rezaei

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Arash Rezaei is a young entrepreneur who is driven by a vision to help others to succeed and write their own epic success stories. Someone whose business aims to help others to succeed. Young, startup businesses look for funds and the right partners to help them flourish, grow and succeed. Assisting and helping to establish that link between startup businesses among themselves and with those who can help them build their businesses legacy has become his passion.

The book written over 20 years of love, passion and wildness.
Originally written to show others that they can achieve anything by having the right mindset but soon evolved into being more than that, to become the story of a man who lived in three worlds as a troubled youngster to a successful businessman.

Having lived amongst the wealthy, common folk and an underworld of darkness, Arash Rezaei over time learnt that there are many lessons or even ideas, but the basis of all logic points to one clear understanding brighter than any other.

And that is that every action is based on a right or wrong belief from the perspective of the person acting. Thus limited to the real understanding of what truly is correct as their limitations are the edge of understanding to them.

Book nuggets: The Attention Switch by Itzik Amiel

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Itzik Amiel, attorney-at-law, Award-winning International Speaker Bestselling Author | Business Mentor, Founder & CEO, THE SWITCH™

Itzik Amiel is the global leading authority on business networking, business development, personal branding & relations capital. He is a growth strategy expert and client relationships advisor to many leading law firms globally.
Itzik is also the bestselling author of “The Attention Switch” [attentonswitch.com].

Giving 'Authentic Attention' to other people is the secret ingredient to reaching out to and connecting with other people. What distinguishes highly successful people from everyone else is the way they use the 'Power of Attention' to build relationships, both in business and in their personal lives, so that everyone wins. Learn new strategies to help you reach out and deeply connect with colleagues, friends, and prospects - the people who will help you reach amazing success.

The book has been recognized as the leading book and deep-dive instruction manual every professional needs to have to leverage the power of authentic connections and to uncover the best building relationships and networking strategies.

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Book nuggets: Unlocking your superpowers by Candice Preston

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