What we're about

Calling all digital superheroes and super-heroines.

Super power: a wealth of computers & tech knowledge and skills.

Calling all the digital superheroes out there who use their super power to help people get the most from technology. For example, if you use your power to:

• help people choose the right computers or tablets

• help people to setup, fix, upgrade their digital devices

• teach people how to use them well

It doesn't matter whether you use your power...

• for your friends and family (the man, the lady)

• for your neighbours (the wizs)

• on a freelance basis (the gurus)

• on a professional basis (the specialists)

• on a voluntary basis for your local charity or community (the angels) etc...

As long as you use your super power for good. We want to hear from you.

Being a digital superhero can be very lonely, just like many of the famous superheroes we know of. It is not easy to find other digital superheroes as we are all busy using our super power for good! But why not? Why not gather all the superheroes in the world in one place (virtually or physically), so that we can social, learn, share, support each other and do greater things we otherwise can't do alone.

Things we can do (for example):

• share and tell

• invite speakers from the tech world to tell us about their latest products and offerings. e.g Windows 11, iOS 10 etc... (power upgrades for us)

• tech parties / hackathon

• organise events and initiatives where we can use our collective super power to help other people and create huge positive social impact

• build a gadget lab and many more…

What's in for me?

• Well… do you want to be a lone superhero 'forever' or do you want to have a great time and do great things with other like-minded superheroes like yourself? Think the Avengers and the X-men.

• Upgrade your super power by sharing and learning from each other

• Sometimes you just need the support from others to get you through tough times

Action: Sign up now and join the League of Digital Superheroes! It is going to be fun and rewarding! :)

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Digital Superheroes Assembly @ The Brewery Tap

The Brewery Tap

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