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We're a YA Book Club that does everything from having exciting book club discussions, meeting YA authors at events in the Bay Area, and attending geeky conventions. The League of Extraordinary Readers meets every 3rd Saturday at 1 pm @ the Martin Luther King Jr., Library in the Exploratorium Room for our monthly book club meetings and various times for author events.

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***NOTE: Our book club is currently on summer break and will resume in August.***

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Author Event: Laure Eve w/ Sabaa Tahir

Kepler's Books

From Kepler's website: We are thrilled to welcome Laure Eve to celebrate The Curses, the riveting sequel to the critically-acclaimed YA novel The Graces that is saturated with magic, the destructive cost of power, and the nature of forgiveness. Sexier and scarier, Laure Eve has upped the stakes, atmosphere, and glitz to create a bewitching sequel. Picking up the pieces after the chilling events of the previous year isn’t easy, but the Grace siblings are determined. Wolf is back after a mysterious disappearance, and everyone’s eager to return to normal. Except Summer, the youngest Grace. Summer has a knack for discovering the truth—and something is troubling her. But exposing secrets is a dangerous game, and it’s not one Summer can win alone. At Summer’s behest, the coven comes back together, drawing their erstwhile friend River back into the fold. But as the coven’s powers magnify, Wolf’s behavior becomes unpredictable, and Summer questions the nature of the friend she so loves. Laure will be chatting with Sabaa Tahir, author of An Ember in the Ashes, A Torch Against the Night, and A Reaper at the Gates.

Book Club: LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff

Dr Martin Luther King Jr Library

On a floating junkyard beneath a radiation sky, a deadly secret lies buried in the scrap. Eve isn’t looking for secrets—she’s too busy looking over her shoulder. The robot gladiator she’s just spent six months building has been reduced to a smoking wreck, and the only thing keeping her Grandpa from the grave was the fistful of credits she just lost to the bookies. To top it off, she’s discovered she can destroy electronics with the power of her mind, and the puritanical Brotherhood are building a coffin her size. If she’s ever had a worse day, Eve can’t remember it. But when Eve discovers the ruins of an android boy named Ezekiel in the scrap pile she calls home, her entire world comes crashing down. With her best friend Lemon Fresh and her robotic conscience, Cricket, in tow, she and Ezekiel will trek across deserts of irradiated glass, infiltrate towering megacities and scour the graveyard of humanity’s greatest folly to save the ones Eve loves, and learn the dark secrets of her past. Even if those secrets were better off staying buried.

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March Book Club: The Wicked King by Holly Black

Dr Martin Luther King Jr Library

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