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This is a woman's group for anyone that is looking for a tribe of spiritual women to connect to. This group focuses on building inner self worth and understanding your power when you build a relationship with yourself. We are a collective that is here to elevate others in understanding who they are so that their authenticity consumes them. When you do the work to heal yourself, you will understand who you are and will be unafraid to bring your authentic self to the table for the rest of the world to see. Anything less than your best is a sacrifice to your gift.

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Monthly Action Board Class - #2 The Follow Up! New Members Welcomed!

HI all!! This will be our second installment of the Action Board class we had on 2/2. The last one was amazing and intimate which was great because we all were able to share and create as a collective!! It WAS AWESOME!! This time we invite more people to come, but it will be a follow up class. We will create a new mood board and plan out March, plus share all of our manifestations from Feb. and discuss the experience of the support group and what did and did not work! For anyone that is interested in joining this class for the first time below is the description: Are you having trouble manifesting the life you dreamed of from a yearly vision board? With the same goals in mind, here's a workshop that helps supports those visions on a monthly basis and makes it happen much faster. Check this manifestation workshop that focuses on breaking down those long term goals into immediate ones. TLR will host a monthly vision board workshop, where the idea is to create a more realistic approach to achieving your goals in a shorter time span. TLR is your accountability group, members will create individual plans by design thinking and execute goals for the month. Ending on March 2nd and for exactly 4 weeks, members will connect via email and video calls to support the group and discuss developments on personal prompts. All materials to be provided from start to finish - Just bring you, your friends, and bright ideas for a wonderful manifesting experience.

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The Sunday Rose Brunch

1954 University Ave

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