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The Light Warrior Clan is a Shamanic Lodge of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society. The group is founded on the teaching of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path which is an ancient Twisted Hairs tradition weaving together "braids of truth" from tribal peoples across the Americas.

Join us this year as we investigate the following topics: Shamanic Tools including The Powers of the Four Directions, The Five Aspects of Self, The Four Worlds of Grandmother Earth and more. You will find out how the outer worlds and their energies resonate with the energies within. Plus you will learn to balance heart, mind, body, spirit and soul in simple ceremonies.

We meet on one Saturday or Sunday 10 am - 4 pm per month as we gather to share a pot luck meal & explore the Sweet Medicine SunDance teaching. In the warmer months we hold a Purification Lodge (more commonly called a Sweat Lodge). In the cooler months we will have another type of Ceremony like a Shamanic Journey or Mesa Working.

$20 per session (first session free)
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Ceremonial Experiences
Monthly 10:00 am– 4:00 pm
Teaching - Potluck - Ceremony
There is never any charge for ceremony.

We work with the teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. Ceremony encourages self-discovery and the integration of our learning as we work with these wheels and keys. It also deepens our connection to the natural and Spirit Worlds of Grandmother Earth. It is through this connection that we strive for balance in all of our aspects and grow into autonomous, free thinking humans.

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Purification Lodge- Val Cheyne- Details to follow

the Light Warrior Clan

Whispering Winds - details to follow

Shamanic Gateway Group Registration 2020

Auburn Hills

You are invited to join us for this Year Long Program. This is a tentative start date for this yearlong program • Do you desire to deepen your exploration of the Worlds of Grandmother Earth? • Would you like to join others on the journey of healing self and discovering your inner warrior? • Are you ready for a major leap in your personal self growth and development? Beginning this Fall, we will facilitate a Group through which you can engage the Teachings and Ceremonies of First Gateway of the Sweet Medicine SunDance path. ______________________________________________________________ You may have received some of the teachings of this Path. While head knowledge is the 1st step, integration of the teachings comes through Ceremony, Warrior Techniques of Discipline & Warrior Task Assignments. Without integration we don’t realize our full potential. ______________________________________________________________________________ We are offering this program because we have witnessed the gateway process produce: • Growth both in ourselves and our fellow travelers on this Path • Maturity in self leadership and in the ability to lead others • The power of the tools of the Path to work with the challenges that Life is constantly presenting • An increase in Health, Hope Happiness, Harmony and Humor Program Registration Deadline is July 1st Deposit is $325 Year-Long Fee: $1950- The program includes: • 6 Residential Weekends at an Almont, MI Retreat Center setting. www.campskyline.org • Catered Dinner each Saturday night, • Ceremony Week • and Eagle Dance. DATES 2020: Sep Nov 2021 Jan Mar April Aug TBD - Ceremony Week and Eagle Dance. There is never any charge for ceremony. We only charge for teaching and the associated real costs of the program. Please call or email if you would like more information. Meg @ [masked][masked]

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