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We are a group of friends and practicing Wiccans who have a Christian background. Although we can be very eclectic and have members from various paths, for the most part we practice The Trinitarian Tradition which is a Christianized version of the Old Religion incorporating the two, Otherwise known as Christian Wicca. Not only does it allow us to incorporate Christianity and Wiccan but it is also perfect for those who are just starting in the old religion and do not want to give up Christianity. With us you will never have to.

Here is our View point and the Perfect Definition of our path and who we are and what we believe.

Christian/Wiccan The Ultimate Deity is God the Father, who is our father and King of Heaven. We worship God through his Creation as we can worship anywhere and anytime, alone or in a group for God is everywhere and in all things. Inseparable. God isn't just found in a church building made of "things". God doesn't just see us on Saturdays or Sundays. Gods lessons and love don't fit in 1 book. God has many faces and I see them every day. God is too big to fit in 1 book. God gave us a planet full of his tools and to be ignorant of them and how to use them feels like a waste. Mary his Choosen one and his wife is our Goddess, mother and Queen of Heaven, their Son Jesus Christ is our Lord and brother and the God of the Hunt. The Holy Spirit is the truth and the way. We have taken them all into our soul, mind, heart and body and continue to do so everytime we give them thanks and honor and partake of Cakes and Ale, always returning some to them. We believe that one day we will go to the Heavenly Spring/Summer Gardens and live there until it is time for our reincarnation. Have faith, not religion...Love and light...Namaste... Carpe Noctum and Blessed Be!! Special Thanks goes to: Brigid and Tiffany Ellen McDonald for use of their words. Thank you my Friends!

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