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Meet to Discuss Alex Wheatle's The Dirty South

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Join us as we take a unique psychological approach to reviewing Alex Wheatle's book The Dirty South

During the ssession we will use our passion for psychology and personal development to discuss the motivations, beliefs and actions of the main characters in The Dirty South; critically discussing how the characters lives have been shaped by their experiences, attitudes and unconscious models of the world.

No need to be a psychologist or academic buff - just have a keen interest in sharing your thoughts on popular psychology, personal development and contemporary culture.

The Dirty South

A critically acclaimed book written by Alex Wheatle, an award winning black British novelist who received an MBE for his services to literature. The Dirty South, is a gritty, raw, authentic portrayal of urban innercity living and the toxic temptations of crime.


It's a generation on from Wheatle's East of Acre Lane, and the soundtrack has changed from reggae to hip hop, but the career options open to young black males are still brutally limited. Set in Brixton, 20 years after the race riots, The Dirty South follows the adventures of Bricky teenager Dennis Huggins as he drifts into the easy, dangerous life of the shotter - or drug dealer - and discovers that hard as the struggle for respect on the streets is, the struggle for love is harder still. At least Dennis has involved parents looking out for him; too many of his friends have no guidance other than that offered by their fellow shotters, or the dubiously motivated black Muslims. Wheatle brilliantly evokes the temptations of the thug life for young black men growing up in London's Dirty South - a fast, compelling novel that offers no easy answers, but refuses to shy away from asking the difficult questions.

The Session

The session kicks off at 2pm and lasts approximately 2 hours. An agenda with key questions arising from the text will be used to frame the discussion. It's a creative session where everyone is encouraged to contribute and share.

If you didn't attend the previous meeting and need to get your hands on the book, Brixton Library has a few copies remaining. If you fancy a trip to Brixton, you can take it out on loan (best to email me first before going!). Alternatively you can buy it on here ( Kindle version also available.


The library is in the heart of Brixton, with numerous travel options including tube, train and bus. If driving you should have little trouble finding free parking nearby on a Sunday.

Waiting List

If there are no more spaces and you are keen to attend please join the waiting list. RSVP'ers may have to change their plans and a few additional spaces over the original 12 may be added.