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War Meet - Episode 6 - Get da boyz!


Welcome to Warmeet 6 - 'Get da Boyz!'

As many of you know we are describing a story with each War Meet culminating at the end of year. Each story ark is affected by events at the War Meet so if you want to influence events, and prevent the invasion of the Green Tide, be sure to be at your best on the day. There is a short story I wrote available covering the 'events so far' available for free download here (

Your welcome to come along and socialise, paint, or play. No models required.

We learned a few things from our previous Warmeets. Namely that preparation is key to a speedy battle. Battles will be mostly be limited to 1.5 hrs but will be allowed to go over if both parties agree and there is room for others to play (this is more than likely true) - so the more you have learned the basics and and the characteristics of your Army the more fun you'll have.

As always, I want to emphasise that 'beginners' are welcome and encouraged to come. We have a page dedicated to 'How To Play (' with some great video guides. In fact, since many people still have yet to play a game I will be running a table for people just getting to grips with the game. I imagine this table will be popular among our novice players so if you want to be there first please do reserve your place.

Also while I have purchased additional lights, any mobile lighting you want to bring to help illuminate events would not go unappreciated. This can range from small spotlights to paint by or large lamps. The pub is great in every way other than it getting a bit dark in there.

Please also read over the Battle Preparation ( and What You Need To Play ( pages for important notes, details on what to bring to a War Meet, and a link to some 'how to play' videos.


We'll hash out the evening as follows:

7pm-7:15pm [open socialising] - Grab your pint!

7:15pm-7:30pm [announcements] - Updates and such

7:30pm - 9:00pm [Battle Group 1] or [Novice Group 1] or [Paint Group 1]

9:00pm - 10:30pm [Battle Group 2] or [Novice Group 2] or [Paint Group 2]

10:30pm [Battle Group Results Announced and Closing Statements]

11:00pm [Doors Close] (sometimes we go over but this is preference)


-=Battle Group 1=-
-=Battle Group 2=-
-=Battle Group 3=-
Rob's DARK ELDAR vs Robins (Borrowed) Chaos Marines (controlled by Peter)
If you have any questions, want to register, don't hesitate to e-mail me ([masked]) or post a comment below.
Welcome and Be Bold!
Victis Honor
NOTE: Full menu food is available for those wishing to have dinner at the pub. Theres also a great Thai food place 30 seconds away with food for about £7.95
SPECIAL NOTICE: we'll also be showing a film at the day on the projector screens.