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A Wiccan Esbat to celebrate the full moon: E-mail has been sent to attendees

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A Wiccan Esbat to celebrate the full moon (Flower moon) and to do a little magic.

Further details about this event are in the Order of the Horse and Moon Facebook group - full details will be e-mailed to attendees shortly

We will meet for half an hour in a pub in the Balham area. We will then walk to a private house where Caroline Robertson, a friendly and approachable witch well known in the Wiccan community, will run a traditional rite which will be robed. If you don't have a robe a long frock, or for the men nice loose clothing, will suffice. Our group has a small number of robes for the first to register. You are encouraged to bring food, however food will also be provided. Attendees will be requested to bring'a nice bottle of sparkling wine. Full details of this event including dress code and location will be provided one week prior to the event.

Attendance: The number of spaces at the event is limited to 11. It is likely that more than 11 will register therefore attendees will be selected to ensure that all those who were excluded last time get a chance to attend this ritual. There are also a number of members who have requested that they attend this rite and priority will be given to them. If you register but cannot be accommodated we will contact you to find a place for you at a future ritual.


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