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Between work schedules, responsibilities and other obligations, not many people have the time or luxury of finding friends to go out with.
The objective of the lonely island is simple: creating avenues for 20-30 something year olds to make friends.

Please keep in mind that we are not a networking group for professionals, we are not a dating/hook up group (although, if you find a love connection that’s awesome. In case of a fall out, please don’t bring drama into this group). We’re just here to go out, eat food, and make memories

Being an adult is hard, and making friends as an adult is difficult. Let us help you with that.

Past events (27)

Disc Golfing

Stafford Woods Disc Golfing

Bowling 🎳

Pinsetter Bar & Bowl

Board Game Day

Double Nickel Brewing Company

3rd Sunday Game Day

Double Nickel Brewing Company

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