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Our Seattle Seahawks vs. The Silencing of the Lambs part I

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Our Seattle Seahawks vs. The Silencing of the Lambs Part I

How do you like your Lamb? Roasted? Barbecued? Smoked? or just straight silenced wearing a mouth barred mask and a strait-jacket. Wiggling all around trying to get free, but just can't escape the pressure paralleled to being 500 feet under water. A pressure so great, if applied to coal, a diamond is born. A pressure so great, that when applied, you may accidentally slap yo mama. Oops, sorry mama, but this Seahawk SeaFence has me seeing things. Yeah that's right, it's that serious.

Now compound that with MIKE ROB being back as the eyes de Beast Mode, and you have a deadly concoction that can add 200 yards of total rushing to an already crushing defense. WHOA!!! Have I even mentioned some guy named Percy Harvin. Through seven games last year, homie had 450 yards of YAC. That easily led the league last year. If you're not sure what YAC is, your assignment is to look it up, and refrain from twerking in excitement once its relevance slaps ya. CAN YOU DIG IT!!!

I can't wait to see this beat down at the gateway to the west, and I can't think of a better place to watch this go down than the Backstage! I'll see y'all there.

I can't never say this loud enough...GO HAWKS!!!!!