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All about Acorns - processing, making acorns burgers, sauces and more

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Ever tasted an acorn burger or make one?

How do you incorporate acorns in various dishes?

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Sunday October 20 - All about Acorns - Processing and Tasting

Acorns were the main staple of local natives - wonderful flavors and a major source of protein and fat.

There are various methods of processing acorns. To make them edible you need to leach them in water to remove tannin which make them taste very bitter.

During this workshop we'll go on a short wild food hike (and find acorns) and then we'll come back at the original location to play with acorns.

We'll use the hot leaching method (boiling and changing the water) to process our acorns.

We'll also look at various culinary uses, we'll make some sauces, acorn burgers and some yummy tasting too!


Time: From 11 A.M. to around 2 P.M.

Because there is food involved, you will need to register and donate in advance. If you can't use paypal, contact me by email at: [masked]

Donation: $35.00