What we're about

This is a group that is set up for the young Irish who one way or another find themselves lonely and in need of friendship and a good aul session.

Apologies for the exclusion of non Irish it's just the first time a group of people meet it can be awkward enough without a language barrier. So if your fluent stall it bro .

My goal from this is a selfish one I left Dublin in 2010 and came back in 2015 and found myself incredibly lonely and in need of nights out. I will set up meet up nights in the living room bar just off O'Connell street and comedy nights in the ha'penny bridge bar you can guess where that is.

My hope is to meet fun cool people and maybe connect even if you make no mates it's a night out and you're among a group have the craic .

I will give a heads up if their is Less than a dozen attendees two days from the meet I may cancel it because you're only buzzin if ya have a dozen.

I will be looking to make this an exclusive private group after a few meet ups depending.

Any ideas feel free to share

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Drinks in the living room

The Living Room

Drinks in the living room bar Dublin meet at 7 when its quiet and who ever wishes to stay on will and the lightweights can drop out

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