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The purpose of this site is to bring together bright, creative boys and girls ages 8-18 who often struggle to make meaningful social connections with other children and adolescents. Many, but not all, of the kids have been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome or a non verbal learning disability. Parents are the key to successful use of this site. Once a member, you can list your child in our database, while at the same time search our database for other kids who potentially would be a good match for your child....be it age, gender, location, skills or interests. Once identified contact can be established by e-mail to determine if there is consensus as to the match. If so, activities and events may be planned by the parents for the kids or groups of kids as desired. The mission of this site is to provide our kids incredible opportunities for friendship, community, growth, pride and fun by simply finding others who will accept them for what they are, and do so away from the judgmental pressures so often encountered in everyday life.

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