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How to Draw Concept Art?
Learning Outcomes ▶︎ Understanding the basis of a Design Process ▶︎ Able to Understand Concept Ideas ▶︎ Able to Create Shape/Silhouette ▶︎ Able to transform Rough Sketches to Final Design Who is it for? ▶︎ Above 16 years old ▶︎ For the Art Enthusiastic ▶︎ Someone who is considering Arts as a career Things to Bring ▶︎ Good Learning Attitude ▶︎ Grey Copic Markers and Felt Pen Lecturer's Profile Zaki brings with him more than 18 years of experience in various creative industries, from illustration to animation. Zaki has been a valuable addition to various companies such as Southern Star Singapore, Scrawl Studios and Chip & Toons taking up the responsibility of Animation Director in both places. In addition to his illustrious career, Zaki has also been published 5 times – with his latest comic, Badang, being a historical comic based on the Second World War in Singapore Lieutenant Adnan and the Last Regiment. Zaki completed his formal education with MAGES Institute of Excellence, graduating with a Diploma in Entertainment Design.


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    What we're about

    This is a community for creative people in the creative technology industries. The goal of the group is to help improve individual's skill sets as well as to create collaboration opportunities for the members.

    It is targeted to people who are either in the Media, Animation or Gaming (MAG) Industries.

    Examples are as follows:

    🖥Media - Illustrator, Concept Artist, Digital Sculptor, 3D Concept Artist, 3D Artist
    🎥Animation - Animator, Motion Design Artist, CG Artist, VFX Artist
    🕹Gaming - Game Developer, AR/VR Programmer, Game Designer, Game Artist

    We will achieve the goals set up by the group via the following:

    💎Create a conducive environment to promote learning from each other
    💎Invite industrial experts to share their insight knowledge
    💎Share learning opportunities such as videos, e-books or courses

    ❤️So, what are you waiting for? Join us already! ❤️

    I will leave you with one of our member motion graphics artwork, title: "The Beast!"

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