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If your in Middle Georgia and you have kids in Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, or High School, this is the group for you. OH, YEAH!

WARNING: This organization may increase your socialization to dangerous levels. Plan accordingly, as there is lots to do.

Our Facebook Page: Macon Worldschoolers

Our Parent Company website: http://www.slatonsmanor.com


Email MWSchoolers@hotmail.com for more information.

You must be 18 or older to become a member.

You must sign up as a member under your first & last name or first Initial and last name.

Your profile picture can be your face, or a picture you identify yourself or family with. Please don't use a business picture or identifying business name, unless signing up as a business.

First and foremost, we would like to WELCOME you to the Macon Worldschoolers 'About US Page'. We would LOVE for you and your family to JOIN with us:)

Macon Worldschoolers (MWS) is an organization overseen by the Slaton family. Many of the events and activites which the Slaton's program and MWS families suggest, run through the Macon Worldschoolers. This allows MWS students to participate in group event with students who are attending the Slaton's middle school tutoring program, which runs from Monday through Thursday from 8AM till 2PM. (Access to the middle school program calendar is for Slaton's Manor participants only.)

The Slaton's also have a Non-Traditional Accredited Center for high school students called S.M.I.L.E.S. (Slaton's Manor Institute of Life-skills & Educational Studies.) Access to the High school program calendar is for S.M.I.L.E.S. participants only.) Visit http://www.slatonsmanor.com for more information.

Familes do not have to be enrolled in the Slaton's Manor middle or high school program, in order to be members of MWS.

Parents can educate their family(ies) however they choose.

This Organization's Mission

The Organization's Mission is designed to bring families together through events, activities, programs, and/or field trips, for students up to 12th grade.

Whether you are educating your child through traditional, non-traditional, homeschooling, or or un-schooling means, our hope is that you find activities that suites your family’s needs.

We are an organization which holds steadfast to common principals that apply to all, regardless of spiritual background, principles, and beliefs. We are a Meetup organization that assists in providing social activities for children up to the 12th grade.

We are a welcoming community seeking families EAGER to participate in group activities, field trips, and events.

Below are Rules, Regulations, and Information Governing the Organization and it's Activities:

In order to get everyone on the same page, we have decided to institute a Code of Conduct and a Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement for all members to follow. We ask that members read all of the information before joining this meetup organization, or if already a member, review to decide if you wish to continue to be a part of the group. We also ask that you share the Code with your guest and family when they attend events, group activity, or field trip events with us.

What is a Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct is a list of Universal principals that govern the conduct of the organization and its members while participating in the meetup events, activities, and/or field trips, as well as discussions on Macon Worldschoolers social media sites. Many rules are already ingrained in our everyday lives; if this is the case for you, then this is just a formality.

The Code of Conduct is listed below:

1. We ask that members respect the rules and regulations of all facilities we visit. A facility could be a house, business, building, park, or other facilities which we may use for its activities, events, and/or field trips.

2. As a meetup organization, we should endeavor to leave a facility better than when entering it.

3. Depending on the venue, members should help clean the facility once the activity or event has finished.

2 Members should use their best manners at events, activities, and field trips. This also includes discussions on meetup and social media.

3 Profanity of any kind will not be allowed.

4 Bullying is not allowed at any time.

5 Members should not possess or use illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or cigarettes during any event, activity, or field trip event.

6 Members should not carry weapons of any kind while participating in any events, activity, or field trip events.

7 Members should conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times. (Parents please speak to your child(ren) about (NPD) No Public Displays of Affection during outings with the group.)

8 Members are not allowed to exclude persons based on their status (single, married, widowed, or divorced) race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability, in any event or activity. We welcome the diversity of ideas and experiences from members.

9 We ask that all members work together to resolve conflict. We cannot allow anger or frustration to turn into a personal attack on others. We must maintain an environment where every one of our members feels respected and accepted. Please be mindful that if conflict arises with another person or persons, especially when children are around, that you conduct yourself properly, and work to address the situation in private.

10 If a child is conducting themselves in a manner not constant with the ‘Code of Conduct’ at an event, activity, or field trip, we ask that the parent(s), guardian, or person who brought the child, handle the behavior issue in a positive manner. Remember that other families are around and watching your actions. If the situation becomes out of hand, please do not be offended if someone asks you to leave.

11 Adults, who are not the child’s parent or guardian, are not allowed to discipline someone else’s child.

12 Please dress for the occasion. Although dress preferences are changing daily, we ask that you remember that this is a conservative dressing group. Please dress conservative when with us. No clothing should be worn that violates this Code of Conduct (no short skirts aka micro-skirts, clothes with tears or holes, or clothing with obscene words or images) we ask that you as parents help us to regulate this issue with your child or children.

13 We ask that any inappropriate tattoos or body art be covered while participating in the meetup activities, events, and/or field trips.

14.No “stalking” or otherwise harassing or bullying another member or members.

15. No 'recruitment' or swaying of your opinions, belief system, or political views on others is allowed. If you choose to make a belief system or political change you do so voluntarily. (We understand that people have the right to their own belief system and political view for themselves and their family.)

16. We must be positive and respectful of other members educational choices. As we are here to encourage their path, not to tear it down. Negatively and disrespect towards members is not welcomed here.

In the event that a member, their family, or guest is found to have violated the ‘Code of Conduct’, person or persons will be asked to leave the activity, event, and/or field trips. If a second violation of the ‘Code of Conduct’ is found to have occurred, you could be banned from the group and you’re family membership could be cancelled. If this happens, you agree to forfeit your membership of $25, and you understand that NO refund, nor proration of the membership fee, will be issued.

Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement:

1. Acknowledgement of Risks.

Security of child/children:

Parents and participants are fully responsible for the security of their child or children at all events and group activities. We understand that we voluntarily choose to participate in activities and events, and that certain risks, hazards and conditions may occur, but are not limited to bodily damage (if child/children get hurt) and or property damage which can arise in an incalculable variety of unforeseen ways.

Scheduling meetups on the calendar:

Meetups are now added by the organizer of the Macon Worldschoolers, unless a dedicated person or persons, whether paid or unpaid, is asked to upkeep this task. It is up to the digression of the organizer and co-organizer to add these meetups.

Macon Worldschoolers meetup calendar suggestions should apply to all, regardless of race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. If your calendar meetup request is for religious, non-religious, political, or for recruitment purposes it will not be added to the calendar, but can be entered in the discussion area. The information cannot, however, be for recruitment purposes, only for information to like minded members in the group.

Criteria for adding meetups to the event calendar: If the event is free to members, and has no political, religious, or non-religious agenda, it will probably be added for free (needs organizer or co-organizer approval.) If the organization is charging a fee, or will be compensated in some way for adding the meetup, then the member should see the Macon Worldschoolers Member Sponsor Advertiser Information under MORE then FILES. We want the calendar to be a neutral zone for all members.


If you are joining as a trial member, or member under a business name, this will be considered as solicitation of business.

Contact Fredrina Slaton at MWSchoolers@hotmail.com

Click on the MORE tab at the top of the page then choose FILE, then read MACON WORLDSCHOOLERS Member/Sponsor Advertiser Information.

If we are not contacted within one week (7 days) of the signing up date, the Macon Worldschoolers has the authority to remove you as a trial member or member, if this is the case.

2. Sponsor Advertiser Risk:

Members understands that if they choose to use a sponsor/advertiser listed on the Macon Worldschoolers sponsor/advertising list, the Macon Worldschoolers may not be the organizers of that meetup, therefore, is not involved with that sponsor/advertiser or with their decision making. You also understand that sponsor/advertisers may charge their own membership fee, or other fees. Some sponsor/advertisers may ask that you sign Statements of Faith or other forms. We ask that members research the sponsor/advertiser before attending these meetup gatherings. Members choosing to use sponsor/advertisers do so in good faith. If there is a dispute with the sponsor/advertiser, the member must resolve their disputes through that sponsor/advertiser and not Macon Worldschoolers or any of its affiliates. In the event the dispute isn’t resolved, you, the member, will not hold Macon Worldschoolers, its affiliates, organizers, co-organizers, directors, employees, consultants, subsidiaries, third parties and members responsible for any lawsuits or attorney fees due to your choice in using the sponsor/advertiser.

3. Medical Release:

Members understand that medical personnel are not available at events and activities. Macon Worldschoolers assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries, or damages, that might arise out of, or in connection with, any activity, event, or field trip conducted by Macon Worldschoolers, its affiliates, organizers, co-organizers, directors, employees, consultants, subsidiaries, third parties and members for medical treatment, if necessary. Furthermore, any and all medical expenses are the responsibility of the parents or guardian.

4. Image Consent.

Members, participants, and guest willingly grandly, and irrevocably consent to and authorize the right and permission to photograph, film, video-tape, record, publish, re-publish, broadcast, re-broadcast, adapt, exhibit, perform, reproduce, edit, modify, display or otherwise use or reuse participants and volunteers name, image/likeness, or voice in media or technology in connection with any campaign or promotion in all markets as long as there is no intent to use the image in a disparaging manner. Member, participant, and guests understand that there will be no compensation issued. We understand that this consent is only in connection with this program and may not be used for any purposes other than Macon Worldschoolers, Slaton's Manor, LLC, or S.M.I.L.E.S.

We will continue to update/amend this Code of Conduct & Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement as we grow without notice; and with your help, I know we can have a great and prosperous meetup group.

Members and participants should read and understand this Code of Conduct & Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement in its entirety.

Member understands that they voluntarily choose to become members and understand that they have an opportunity to ask questions or object to any of the terms of this membership.

Members can attend monthly meetup meetings or send a meetup message, to the organizer and co-organizer, to voice their opinion on activities, events, field trips, or fundraisers in connection with and for the kids.

When RSVPing to events, members should try their best to attend that particular meetup. Often event hosts, including Macon Worldschoolers organizers and co-organizers, spend funds, out of their own pockets, to prepare activities, food etc for the amount of people who RSVP to their event. Out of respect for hosts, please do not RSVP if you cannot attend. If something unforeseen does come up, that is out of your control, please change your RSVP to NO, as far in advance as you can.

By voluntarily signing in as a trial member or paying your $25 membership fee, you are acknowledging this fact.

***Members and Trial Members:

Trial members have a 30 day countdown from the day they sign up on Meetup before the $25 membership fee is due.

Paid members have 360 days from the day they sign up before the membership fee is due. Member dues are paid on a yearly basis.

(The dues payment date is computer driven by the Meetup system. The system will send you a reminder at the end of your trial or membership period. You can then pay for your dues through that link at your convenience. The system gives you a few days to pay your dues before it removes you from the site. If that happens, no worries, just find Macon Worldschoolers on meetup and pay your dues there. You will then regain access to the site.)

The membership fee will help us to pay for Meetup and provide the needed additional funds to pay expenses, help run the meetup activities, events, and field trips effectively. Meetup events, hosted by Macon Worldschoolers, use these funds to purchase items needed for many of the event on the site.


Once you become a paid member, fill out an ID Form request, and one ID Card per family will be made for you and your family. You may use this badge to enter MWS events at free or discounted cost, register for classes, sign into Slaton's Manor Programs and Camps, and to attain discounts (when required or needed.)

We hope that you choose to become a member; as we are excited to see children and families come together as a community.

Now that we have gotten pass all the formalities,



What is the difference between becoming a member of Macon Worldschoolers or a Member of Slaton's Manor Programs and Camps?

1. Slaton's Manor Programs and Camps list the summer and school term programs and camps only. This is for parents who wish to participate in programs ONLY and not participate in additional activities throughout the year with the group.

EXAMPLE 1a. A family travels from Atlanta, Valdosta, or Middle Georgia to participate in our programs with their children once a week.

EXAMPLE 1b. A family is already a part of another group but wants to participate in our CLUBS only.

2.Macon Worldschoolers list the same programs and camps as Slaton's Manor, but also lists additional school year activity meetups that the kids participate in together. Some examples are dances, movie nights, and special events, often decided on by the parents.

This information was added on 11/25/15

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