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What most people know about money is wrong and this is creating massive societal problems. The goal of the Magic Money Tree Project is to build grassroots literacy of political economics (how political and economic systems interact). We create, share, and disseminate educational tools and materials to build literacy on key societal issues. We work on a grassroots level to understand the issues real people face in their daily lives. We help build understanding of how political and economic systems work in ways that are relevant and understandable to them.

This project's goal is not to promote a specifically liberal or conservative agenda. Liberals and conservatives both contribute to society. We count them among our friends, family, members of the community, countrymen, and fellows in humanity. We can improve society by learning to understand people different from us because we all have shared interests and goals.

This project is also not directly concerned with party politics. However, understanding political economy opens up new possibilities for policy and political action.

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