• Paint By Stickers
    Needs a date and time

    The Maker Station

    I found this strangely alluring book at the bookstore and want to share it with the makerspace. Come down and try out this new medium which a has been described as "a meditative blissful time putting the stickers on the water towers and matching up the shapes with the numbers, and ooooh it was so satisfying, maybe not as an expression of emotion, but as a soothing and enjoyable treasure hunt with a weird and cool final project." by Winkbooks.com (http://winkbooks.net/post/142288869384/put-away-the-watercolors-and-paint-by-sticker) Each participant will get an image and it's corresponding stickers along with a simple frame. At the end of the evening you can choose to take your art home or just hang it up at the makerspace and contribute to the art on the walls. Cost (all proceeds benefit the makerspace): $3 for Makerspace Members (you know who you are) $7 for Guests and Non-members of the space Pay via cash, check, or online at http://donate.themakerstation.com