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We are men that share experiences and wisdom to support self-awareness, accountability, integrity, positive change and transformation. We form a community of peers who take risks to improve our lives and help others. All kinds of men are involved. Non-religious and non-profit. Any man ready to follow some simple ground rules and take responsibility for himself is welcome.

This work can have profound positive impacts on families, friendships, and communities. Better health, more happiness, less anger, closer relationships with loved ones! Make the change you've been dreaming of. Become more the man you want to be. Create trusting and open friendships with men. Regain a sense of personal power, get out of a rut, get the support of a community, find a unique sense of purpose.

The way we see it, the world really needs men who have courage (heart) enough to get real with one another and work together as brothers. Dominating, chest pounding, 'tough it up' or 'laugh it off' masculinity is a facade that often covers up the truly effective, powerful, compassionate, nurturing, mature man.

MKPSD is an all-volunteer organization. Our mission is to “Change the World one man at a time. We are men mentoriing men

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ManKind Project Men's Circle Open House

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New Warrior Training Adventure

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Circle of Men - Journey of the Heart

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Circle of Men: Journey of the Heart

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