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The idea came to me recently at the completion of an event in which I was bonding with women. It is difficult to describe how I felt “transformed” by the experience; I felt stronger, more compassionate, and courageous...a better version of myself. I would like to maintain and evolve the transformation, and the only way I know how, is to find a network of women who share my desire to continually challenge themselves in mind, body, and spirit.

As the name implies…this group is for women only. It is for women of all ages, shapes, colors, religious affiliations, etc. The group will have events to encourage fitness/wellness, spiritual growth, personal growth, and pure expression of joy. We will:

hike, bike, kayak, walk, and etc..

discuss books and movies that can help us grow personally and spiritually.

meet for coffee, wine, food, and etc.

The rhythm and activities of the group will be determined by the members. You are welcome to participate in some of the events and not others.

The only thing you need to do to become a member is to show up at an event. The only thing you need to do to stay a member is make a verbal commitment to confidentiality. What you learn about yourself you are free to share with the world, however, what you learn about another in the group is absolutely confidential!

There is no membership fee. I will, however, accept donations to pay basic expenses. All events that have a cost will be noted in the event information. Each member is responsible for individual charges and costs associated with food, drink and activities.

I hope you will consider joining me. I am soooooooo looking forward to being a part of a group of amazing women, and in turn be part of a network that supports women! I hope to see you there…



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