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Global minds with flexible working hours – staying productive together, inspiring one another, and having fun!

Have you ever felt like you lived in your own timezone? You could be a solo founder trying to get your startup off the ground, an office worker whose colleagues are spread out in different parts of the world, a freelancer whose schedule depends on what projects you have taken on at the moment… the list goes on.

As Martians, we aim to find creative ways to stay functional and productive, to roam the Singapore CBD and take advantage of our flexible schedules to explore excellent lunch/tea time venues together, and to open our minds to new ideas and people. Join us now!

Why 'Martians'? On Mars, a day is 24 hours and 40 minutes long. A group of NASA spacecraft engineers was operating rovers on the planet and looking for ways of keeping pace with Martian time while on Earth. And if you read the following quote, you'll see why we're somewhat like them:

“So we would get off work, and we didn't want to go home and bother our families, and we were hungry, so instead of going locally to eat something, we'd go, "Wait, there's this great all-night deli in Long Beach, and we can get there in 10 minutes!" So we would drive down -- it was like the 60s, no traffic. We would drive down there, and the restaurant owners would go, "Who are you people? And why are you at my restaurant at 3:00 in the morning?" So they came to realize that there were these packs of Martians, roaming the LA freeways, in the middle of the night -- in the middle of the Earth night. And we did actually start calling ourselves Martians. So those of us who were on Mars time would refer to ourselves as Martians, and everyone else as Earthlings.”

Watch the full video here: https://www.ted.com/talks/nagin_cox_what_time_is_it_on_mars/

Anybody remember EnYi's Meetup group “Type B Crunch Day” for independent workers? That's us!

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