What we're about

This practice is addressed to those who:

• have lost their health and need healing;
• have had a traumatic event in their past that they have not overcome and still influences their lives today;
• Have a hereditary disease in the family and live with the fear of inheriting it;
• are locked in a repetitive pattern - they do not have a stable job, a stable relationship etc;
• regularly miss what they’ve intended to do, thus not fulfilling their dreams - regardless of the field: family, relationships, business, career;
• living in the shadow of powerlessness, shortcomings and insecurity;
• feel that life lives them rather than them living the life and are dissatisfied with the way their lives unfolds;
• feel they lack "something" but they do not know what...
• feel something is wrong, but they do not know what...
• looking for something, but they do not know what...

Especially to those who:

• want to know better;
• want to know the world beyond what they have learned in school and what it is written in books, that is, they want knowledge through direct experience;
• seek spiritual awakening;
• they want to start a therapeutic career - no matter what they are:
medical, psychotherapeutic, energetic workers, etc.
• have been forced to give up their innate talents;
• want to learn to live beautifully...

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Alchemical Soul Journey

Lotus Heart Centre


Join us for an incredible two-night retreat where we will take a mystical journey connecting with our mind, body and heart bringing us into union with our soul. Through the shamanic teachings, tools and guidance provided, you will have a deeper understanding and get profound insights to heal and access your own inner power that has always been there just waiting. The shamanic traditions and methods of healing date back thousands of years and has been practiced in one form or anther all over the world. This retreat is the beginning of the journey to our essence to our primordial purpose and the awareness of our role in this world, a return to the origins and a state of reconciliation with our higher self. Many of us are not aware that at our birth we pass through the veil of forgetfulness, meaning we forgot who we really are at our core, at our essence (light). We’ve gotten attached to our stories, beliefs and conditions that have now created limitations and defined our present identity. Our intention for this retreat is that everyone receives insights into their path of their highest and truest expression of themselves. Reciprocity: $ 540 (HST included) Includes: - shared accommodation - vegetarian meals - shamanic teachings - fire ceremony - yoga/meditation - workshop Space is limited. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/alchemical-soul-journey-tickets-54778199068 PM for more details regarding registration, payment and other questions. Your guides: Isabela is the founder of SacredLightAlchemy offering alternative and holistic healing services, counselling, life coaching and healing retreats all with the vision of holding space and empowering people on their soul path with compassion, love and understanding. She has devoted her practices to: shamanic traditions, esoteric studies (astrology, kabbalah, numerology, tarot, etc), past lives, yoga&meditation, galactic activations and healing arts, thus combining empowering spiritual guidance with effective healing. Sylvia awakens and inspires individuals to step into their self-authority and embrace the full expression of their true SELF. Her mission is to raise human consciousness through self-awareness, intention and mindfulness from the Heart. Sylvia is a Spiritual Mentor, Accredited Relationship System Coach/Facilitator, Evocative Leader, Reiki Master/Teacher. Sylvia also holds certifications as Inner Harmony & Emotional Healing Practitioner & Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist (Level II).

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Super Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in LEO

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