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This is the organizer Meetup for organizers. Being a part of this community will teach you how to find your people and elevate your experiences. We know that growing a great Meetup requires care and attention, and we’re here to learn from each other.

As a member of this Meetup group, you’ll learn how to:

- Create a Meetup group of passionate members that feel like family

- Schedule Meetups where members show up and thrive

- Connect with other local organizers, just like you

When you join this Meetup group, you’ll have the opportunity to elevate the community you’re building by learning and sharing your knowledge with the broader [city] Meetup community.

This Meetup is powered by local volunteers who are passionate about creating more human connections. If you want to join your local leadership team, suggest a Meetup, or host your own, please contact your City Organizer.

This is a community space for all organizers. All online and offline behavior deemed as inappropriate will be moderated by your City Organizer and Meetup HQ.

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How to make money with Meetup!

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Learn how to use meetup to turbo-charge your Business. How do you know if your idea works? How can you leverage Meetup? How to use Meetup as a panel, test market, and tap early adopters? How to build and maintain Meetup groups to fuel your new business? And how to not do it, over-charging, boring lectures, or low engagement. We will take my 15 years of organizing meetups and I will share how myself and others use Meetup to generate revenue and jump-start businesses. I will outline the 3 things you must do to be successful and provide a list of over 20 revenue-generating techniques that do not require you to charge a member a single penny in membership fees!!! Your Host & Organizers: Chris Kaufman Cornell MBA and Fortune 100 Strategist linkedin.com/in/cdkaufman Vanderbilt Doctoral researcher in Leadership and Organizational Mgmt.

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On-boarding New Members - Organizer Best Practices

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