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Men in Singapore, you are not alone!

In our modern world, men are confused.

In their love relationship, in their fatherhood, at their work, left alone they have a healthy and deep friendship with other men.

Join us during a weekly evening on Tuesday's for connection, support, embodiment practices, self-empowerment and build a community of strong and trustable men in Singapore.

*** WHO IS THIS FOR? ***

Any man. Period. Any man desiring to bloom and unfold as an integral man in a strong body with a powerful mind and an open heart leading from a higher consciousness.

This group is open to any man willing to grow with other men instead of playing the lone wolf, open up instead of hardening up, understand and support each other instead of judging and blaming others. This group is for men willing to take responsibility for their life through embodied practices and open discussions.

This group is for men willing to cultivate integrity in their life.


A men’s group is first and foremost a place where you can be safely authentic with other men. It is a trustable place with no judgment but acceptance of each other where you can speak heart-fully what is on your mind.

It is a place to develop your masculine energy, to cultivate a loving consciousness for the world and your relationships as a lover, as a father, as a man.

This group aims to develop:

- a strong masculine presence through specific core masculine practices and martial art practices,

- attention, curiosity, and empathy through specific energetic practices,

- a deepening connection with other men

- the capacity to honor yourself and other men

- the capacity to feel inside yourself and others

- the understanding of the feminine and masculine energy

- a trustable brotherhood and community

It is a place of growth, and not a place to advertise your business.


It is not counseling. It is not therapy. It is not religious.


The meetings are currently held in China Town or Holland Village.

Our evenings together will be mostly following these phases:

- few minutes of silence to 'leave the world behind'

- embodied practices and martial art practices, breathing work

- life check-in

- sharing practices, meditation, discussion…and whatever feels important in the moment

- and a final round of check in with everyone

*** What to bring ***

Water bottle, pen, notebook, comfy clothes to sit and move if necessary.


please see the events list

The group starts at 730pm, be on site at 725pm latest please.

Doors will be open at 715pm and will be closed at 730pm.


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Men's Group Singapore

29b Mosque St

Men's Group Singapore

29b Mosque St

Men's Group Singapore

29b Mosque St

Men's Group Singapore

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