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Meet fellow White Wine Enthusiasts near you! Come to a local Wine Meetup to taste new wines; learn about noses and legs; and discuss great vintages and estates. Everyone's welcome, from new bouquet-sniffers to educated connoisseurs.

I've also Organized . This group is mostly a red-wine group but a few people expressed interest in white wine tasting.

Through the polling mechanism, members select wines via region or grape or any criteria.

Typically a group of 10-20 people meeting at a members house, once per month.

Here's a successful agenda example which can also be modified:
o Greeting wine
o Educational topic
o Taste about 5-7 wines with Appetizers supplied by guests or host
o Calculate the wine cost among those attending.
o Guess the Mystery wine
o Socialize and discuss wine.

The question to be answered is ... Are enough people interested in starting a White Wine Tasting group in the MetroWest Boston area? Join the group, send me email and let me know.

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