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"We are not on earth to be passive observant but the agents of change that we want to see take place in the world. Each one of us bears some level of responsibility for the darkness and negativity observed each day in the world in which we live today. It is our individual duty to do something positive about it. Notice that it doesn't require protesting against something or standing for something, rather doing something. Action initiates a movement that in turn - when sustained - generates momentum that creates an impact (change). I do believe that it starts by becoming financially independent. Like Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teressa, and many others before us, the freedom to be a living expression of our unshakable convictions for good, will peacefully and positively impact the world beyond our imagination."

MY GOAL: Creating a global movement of one million financially independent individuals (self-made millionaires) who will then have the freedom to fulfill their destiny, let their talent blossom, and beautifully transform the world.

MY STORY: Since 2009, I have been involved in startups of all kind ranging from Agribusiness, Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and much more. I even invented a product that is currently being designed and developed for commercialization. One of my startup ideas extremely promising that my partners and I found ourselves in Silicon Valley in 2010. Turns out that, Silicon Valley is made of sharks and crooks. Luckily one of our founders was an attorney, so we were able to save our Intellectual Property. Every time that I decided to get into business with others, I have learned and witnessed how money can quickly change people from decent human beings to selfish individuals, even within my closest circle of "Friends & Family".

In 2015, I decided to go solo and embarked on a lonely journey of starting new businesses. I purchased and read more business success books than I ever in my entire life. I successfully built www.handtalog.com, invented a product, and I am now involved in businesses that will soon generate passive incomes.

I thought I was doing well financially until 3 months ago when I got my Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) done. I realized that I was deeply in debt. I decided to implement a plan to get out of debt. For the first time in many years, I haven't use a Credit Card, I literally froze (in my freezer) all my credit cards. While I am not yet debt-free, I can honestly say that I am now on the path to achieve this critical milestone. I am in the process of becoming a Licensed Financial Services provider here in Wisconsin.

My personal goal is to become Milionnaire by December 31, 2022. This goal will allow me to become financially independent. Being Financially independent will allow me to effectively help other entrepreneurs here in Milwaukee and around the world.

Beyond my personal goal of attaining financial independence, I would like to "Help One Million Individuals Become Millionaires". In large numbers, we will become "True Agents of Change" who will beautifully transform the world.

If this inspires you, then join me in my journey to become the first successful members of "The Milion Millionaires Change Agents"

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MMCA The Path to Happiness

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The Path to Happiness. Are you frustrated with the world as we see it today? Do you feel like you've sacrificed everything (including your own happiness) with the hope of pleasing others or being perceived as a nice/caring person? Are you in the brink of giving up hope for a better and beautiful world around you? Know that you are not alone. Not only do you have an exceptional power to change the world, but the duty to uncover your true purpose in life so that you become the Agent of the Change that you want to see take place around you and in the world. Join us and return refreshed this coming Thursday, January 24, 2019, at Ward 4. SPACE IS LIMITED, SEATS ARE ON FIRST COME BASIS.

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