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"The Mind on The Law of Attraction" has been created as a forum to engage as many people as possible in the epic world of the mind and it's interaction with the Universe. The Law of Attraction is actually a secondary law to the Law of Vibration which must be understood, along with the workings of the mind, in order to advance one's results in life.

Ros has been studying this since the mid 1980's and can testify that gaining an understanding of how the might works is fundamental to making lasting changes. She is a Licensed Unity Teacher and has studied with Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey leaders in the field of personal development.

The book and film The Secret brought more worldly exposure to The Law of Attraction however, it left a lot of people with confused results and a misunderstanding as to how we manifest our desires. Ros aims to provide solutions to these misunderstandings and create a new found awareness of the mind and how it impacts our experience of reality.

"The Mind is the Greatest Power in All of Creation" - Dr J B Rhine

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