What we're about

We are LDC, Lone Design Club - We unite independent designers in hosting experience led concept stores and create a resource sharing community. LDC celebrates independent brands and naturally works with a growing number of sustainable and ethical brands. Meet the next generation of exclusive independent fashion + lifestyle brands. Come join us!

LDC is the result of emerging London fashion brands’ desire to actively take the reins of their small and independent businesses; by focusing on selling direct, building relationships and understanding their customers needs and wants.

Since 2016 we’ve been revolutionising retail + the way we consume. All our brands are local, independent labels, fuelled by nothing but passion. We create short term concept stores appearing for 1-2 weeks at a time anywhere across London, creating a platform for consumers to discover + shop from independent brands with traceable and mindful practices, selling unique, exclusive + one of a kind items incomparable to that on the high street.

We create a retail platform and empowering community with a mind to the future.


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