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Even though many individuals believe they understand and wield personal power, the sad truth is that most of us do not really understand the mechanics of True Power. True personal power is based on an inner state characterized by balance, calm, confidence, fairness, transparency, integrity, understanding, respect for self and others and above all, mastery of oneself. True power has nothing to do with having extraordinary physical strength, nor with being overpowering, controlling, underhanded, pushy, bullish, manipulative, competitive or unyielding. In fact, these attitudes may make us appear tough and in charge, but deeper reflection reveals that such behaviour is a sign of underlying weakness based on deep misunderstandings which undermine our connection with the true power available to each of us. If you are interested in exploring the issues pertaining to personal power, with the intent of cultivating it and using it for the highest good, then we would be delighted to have you join our group. (Please click the link on the left called ABOUT to get more information about this group). Sincerely, Jasmine, Organizer

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