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Kate Manne's Down Girl ( presents an "ameliorative" conception of misogyny as the "enforcement branch" of patriarchy. According to this conception, misogyny is not about hatred in the heart of a man, in the first instance. It is about keeping everyone in their gender place within patriarchy by way of numerous practices, only some of which involve outbursts of hateful sentiments against women. Much more common are acts that keep unruly women and men in the roles of patriarchy often accompanied by an esteem and respect for "subservient" women and "manly" men.

We'll discuss this book (please read the reviews or listen to the broadcasts linked to the page above -- the book has been discussed in numerous major media outlets worldwide) and then ask this question:

Does Manne's analysis of misogyny give us a clue to other "enforcement mechanisms" for other forms of inequality? Can it teach us to look for words we do not yet have for other kinds of inequality that are also policed?