Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (BYOT and leave your contact in web)


Hi people,

The show we are watching is Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Rick Dalton is a Hollywood TV star and his best friend Cliff Booth is his stunt double. Both of them are former Western performers trying to regain success in the New Hollywood era, which is quite different from what they can remember in their time of being Hollywood actors. Rick`s neighbour, Sharon Tate, is a young aspiring actress. Tate`s life comes to an end in 1969 in the hands of the Manson Family cult, led by cult leader Charles Manson.

EVERYONE to buy their own ticket

I will
1) Set up the whatsapp group
2) Decide the best timing
3) Tell you guys which seat I am
4) Everyone get the seat around same area
5) Have pre movie gathering
6) Watch movie
7) Post movie chill out Post movie chill out and dinner are ritual :D

Agenda (Rough time line subject to changes)[masked] Meet for dinner[masked] dinner and collection of tickets[masked] Proceed to cinema[masked] Movie
10.35-???? Post Movie chill out